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Fun Is Complex, So Why Be Simple About It?

[UPDATED: November 26, 2009 – Got lazy to continue where I left off, so there…]

Hmm just stumbled across this site… and while the guy did offer some really great ideas, the radical in me kinda feels bitchy enough to just wanna argue his points… Fun isn’t simple – just imagine if everyone can do the Rubix cube in 10 seconds, or even toddlers can play Left for Dead 2 effortlessly… the fun is in the challenge, even in FaceBook games!

So here goes: 

1. You Are Valuable. NOT.

While a little self-appreciation helps through the day, delving into it too much won’t really do you good. Yes, you are important. Yes, you are unique. And yes, you are beautiful in your own personal universe/reality.

But so is everyone else. Just like you. Does that make you less valuable? No.

SO you would argue, “God values me!” True. But don’t forget: you’re just a breath, a dust, nothing but a fading petal of late autumn. Your value was not because of something you have or did, but because of His unmerited love. So don’t be pompous about it. Instead, learn to be happy that someone as worthless as you and me received such wonderful grace from God and other people.

HOWEVER, if you do really wanna feel valuable, start by seeing other’s value towards you. What would life mean when someone you barely know suddenly disappears? Would that same person feel that way towards you? Would everyone else bother if you’re gone?


2. When It Is a Bad Hair Day… Enjoy the wind!

If you never had a bad hair day, then you must be bald. Or you must be blessed with anime-like hair or James Bond’s hair genes.

That said, almost everyone has had a bad hair day – whether it be their heads, armpits or nostrils. The simplest solution would be to spend money at the saloon, or waste time on the mirror fixing it.

But really, does it really matter? I mean, do people really care how your hair look like (except your gay friends, of course)? And even if they do, so what? It may look funny or awkward, and you may get some snickers at your back, but that’s all to it. It won’t affect your productivity, your performance, how you digest your food, or even contribute to world peace.

Instead, stop thinking about hair and start thinking about air. Did you ever wonder why God created hair to be limp and free flowing (except for natural perms)? Did you ever wonder why dogs love to bob their heads out the car window, or why some breeds love to stay in front of the fan? Have you ever marveled at how splendidly beautiful a hair looks as it elegantly dances with the wind?

SO next time you have a bad hair day and someone comments about it, just say: “It’s one with nature. Why don’t you try it?”


3. Why like yourself, when you can love yourself?

Liking something is easy – and very temporary. The same goes with yourself – you can’t just have a crush on yourself only to lose the attention every time you see something unlikeable.

Loving is different. Definitely not easy, but assured to last. When we learn to love something, we don’t ignore the undesirable, nor do we force to like it either. Instead, love teaches us to accept it, appreciate it… and in so doing, we discover a whole new unseen dimension about it.
Loving yourself can be different from loving your self. That statement I leave to your thoughts.


4. Don’t just praise yourself. Give rewards!

Some people say that words of praise are our greatest rewards. I prefer to side on this one with those who simply say that words are cheap.

I’m not saying words are worthless – in fact, they are more valuable in many ways. But often we need something tangible to affirm ourselves. Just like when saying “I love you,” action and gifts play a significant role to send out a wholistic message. Try to imagine it: a guy just standing there and saying those words; and another guy holding your hand or embracing you, probably holding our a flower or a bunch of petals, saying those same words?

Yes, words do matter. But according to science, matter occupies space. And since words are actually empty (they don’t really occupy space, except the emotional baggage type), you need to fill it up. Crazy logic? Yes, it is. But you get my point anyway – and whether you admit it or not, I know you agree. 😀

* * *

WELL, that’s all for now. I need to seriously get back to my work. Hope to continue my pseudo-plagiarism/literary-bashing some other time (when I’ve recharged my brain writing cells), unless the original author scolds me about it.

Hope you enjoyed it, and seriously – have fun. If you can’t, stop reading this and stare at the clouds for 5 long minutes. That ought to do the trick. 😉


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