Introspections & Retrospections

The Puppy Love [Im]Matures #2: Reflections of Fleeting Love (ROFL)

Haaa… Just finished a simple video presentation for our couple’s fellowship dinner, I’m patting myself not with a “work well done” but a “hey you survived those cliche cheesy movie quotes!”

And yes, surprisingly I was affected while going through the vast YouTube junkyard of low resolution video clips to get the materiel I need – not because I still have feelings for my ex (I don’t as a lover, but I do as a long time friend – go figure), but because I guess I am slowly succumbing to my own hypnotic messages of romance and intimacy.

Am I in love? Or isn’t the proper question “Is it possible to love a vague person?” Like – can we be in love yet we don’t know with whom? Hmm.

Anyway, back to the movie… I just would like to share some lines I came up with and used there: 


1) Love is perfect. Man is not.

Love as an ideal is perfect – we all know that. Love forgives, love forgets, blah blah. In fact, I disagree with the popularized phrase “when love fails” – because it doesn’t. Man fails – but not love.

The problem with us is that we keep on looking for perfect love (in relationships). On my part, I think I’ll have to blame the fairy tales I read as a kid on that presumption: they stopped telling the story after the phrase “and they lived happily ever after.” And that precisely what makes them fairy tales – it’s because mythical dragons and magic are more believable than a conflict/problem/worry-free marriage.


2) Love dreams. Man realizes.

Love inspires. It makes us want to become better. It drives us beyond the “normal”. But that’s all it can do; without man’s will, it’s just a passing passion. Love alone won’t give us the money we need to make our dream homes real; we need to act on it – by doing something.

Backtracking through the relationship, loving someone isn’t just enough to let that person know what you feel – we need to do something! Say the words! Send a friggin’ email, text message, buddy poke, or my cute cards!

As a favorite line from Tom Clancy goes, “If there’s no record of it, it never happened.” That applies to love as well: make sure you leave your mark in that person’s heart, or memory.


3) Love is eternal. Life is not.

“Til death do us part” has probably become an integral part of every wedding vow. I think I even remember a quote about “a love that goes beyond the grave”…

But I guess the point is simpler than that: yea, yea love is forever. But we are not – at least here on earth (and if you believe in the Biblical afterlife, there’s no room for romance there – so enjoy it here on earth, God willing!).

So back to #2: REALIZE IT!


4) Love is a date that lasts forever.

Life is a series of meeting people, only a few of whom you would be interested in meeting again and again over the years. And among those, there are only a handful of people you can bear seeing each day, much less be with.

Dates are not perfect: not every moment really counts (our subconscious mind goes on autopilot when remembering, and skips over the boring, uneventful memories by default). But just because there are inevitable lapses in a date doesn’t mean it ends periodically; the dates goes on – unless one or both calls it a night.

I pretty much believe that love is just an extended date – one that stretches for an entire lifetime. And when in our waning year, we look back to the entire relationship experience, we can only smile at the twilight of our earthly existence, and bid each one a sweet goodnight, hoping to see them when we awake in the afterlife…


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