A Puppy Barking At The Sun

I choose to smile on this summery day
Bright, cloudless, yet with such joyful breeze
That erstwhile I forget my dismay
And found a reason to love away
To chase after daydreams with carefree bliss…
Oh sorrow falters with my stubborn grin
As I opt to wonder than wander in chagrin
How the glaring sun makes the flowers bloom
I’d stay rather not in my dark, stolid, empty room
And perchance prevent a what-could-have-been…
So off to the faded cyan skies, and soar
To laugh away in search of falling stars or more
That might have been ensnared on wisps above
Like some solitary prince of tale pursuing love
And hitherto catch naught a june bug to adore…
Oh doggone this dog day, but I will smile
The wind shall ever blow these tears awhile
I’ll clamor to find that grassy hill I dream
And maybe I’ll find you waiting by the stream
And hold you there till romance goes out of style…

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