Introspections & Retrospections

February Fever

So it’s February already. Yippee.I’ve been enjoying my new work so far. I have a really cool boss who actually discourages me to do overtime work – and lets me stay at the office just to hang out and enjoy the free wifi. I even get to play around with the office DSLR – an Olympus E520, with an external flash that I’m still learning how to use. And best of all – the office is just a few blocks from where I currently live.

And still, I find myself with little or no social life. 

For loners (by choice or fate) like me, February is probably the next most lamentable month – second only to December. In fact, the popularized acronym S.M.P. (which stands for Samahang Malalamig ang Pasko) found a new form as Samahang Malalamig ang Pebrero.

While I avoid reminiscing on my happier Februaries, it does makes one wonder what the so-called love month’s all about. Suffice it to say that I had a lot of… umm… memorable Februaries. Being a hopelessly idealistic romantic idiot that I am since I was a kid, I could remember my first attempts for Valentine romance – which was, of course like most other boys, during grade school. I would habitually wake up very early on Valentines morning just to buy flowers and secretly deliver it to the home of my crush. And since my ole’ alma mater celebrated its foundation day through a traditional uber-early alay lakad which usually started at 5AM, you can just imagine how early I should be.But anyway, nothing good ever came out of it.

I do wonder if I really suck at romance after all.

Yet, is love all about romance? Is it all about cheesiness, of dating, of having someone to hold your hand, or dedicate a love song to? Is it all about having someone to devote your poems, text messages, Facebook status quotes, and everything else trivially passionate?

I’m not being bitter. Lonely maybe. Or even melancholic. But through all my failures, through all the simple memories I gathered along the years, I progressively realize that there is something more about love that goes beyond what the world says and claims it to be. True, I also long to someday find someone I can cherish and hold, and grow old with.

And true, I do wish to someday have a family of my own. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have love. Nor have I not learnt it yet.

Love isn’t just a season. Or an occasional whim.

And being single is not an excuse to think that February’s gonna be cold – because the fact is, you can choose to give love instead. So stop looking for love! God already gave it to us – and maybe He’s just nudging you to go out and share it with everyone else (and who knows, a little love from you can warm up someone’s heart to you!).

Have a warm February, everyone – especially to my single friends! Don’t be cold: what are group hugs for, anyway??? XD

* * *

And yeah, I might as well plug for our Single Adults Ministry’s pre-valentine activity… In case you don’t have a place to share that love inside you, why don’t you join our single adults on February 4, 2011? Check out the image below for details, or visit our Facebook account!

(And yeah, anyone wanna buy Valentine cards from me???) XD


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