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TheLoveStory: The Prodigal Puppy

[TheLoveStory is WINmakati‘s new church series which will run on December 2, 9 and 16, 2012. Here’s my puppified version of what a love story means to me.]

Once there was an owner who kept a house full of wonderful pets. The owner was very kind. Every pet was loved and cared for. But the puppy was dissatisfied. He was envious of those Hollywood dogs, jealous of those pampered pooches on dog shows, and simply thought, “I’m an animal — I deserve a better dog’s life!”

And so one day, he run away.

He traveled to many places. Children often showered him with affection, and adults would give him puppy treats. He found a park where cool dogs frolicked, and hanged out with them — even though their owners never took him home with them. He barked happily and freely.

But then the people’s behavior towards him started to change. From puppy treats, he would get scraps instead. Children no longer played with him. He was looked at with disgust and contempt, sometimes even kicked or shooed even with sticks or stones. He would rummage for leftover food on the trash, battling it over with other dogs — or even get bullied by stray cats or street rats. And on rainy nights, he would shiver under some makeshift shelter — eyeing the scurrying cockroaches, hallucinating them as food.

He woke up one morning, and saw some people walking towards him. He thought, “Finally! I can find a home again!” But he saw the noose they were holding. He was going to be taken to the dog pound. Without hesitation, he ran.

He whimpered, “This is not the dog life I imagined! Maybe I should just go back to my master’s place — even strays get treated humanely by him.”

And so he wandered back towards his old owner’s place. As he got near, he worried. What if the master doesn’t recognize him anymore? What if he mistakes him for a rabid dog, and shoots him on sight? What if he has a new dog, and doesn’t want me anymore?

Arriving at the gate, he collapsed in exhaustion.

“Here, boy!”

He thought he was imagining the voice. But he couldn’t forget that loving scent.

It was his master.

“Where have you been?” The man cried as he stooped down to carry him. He just whined.

The master had him bathed and fed, checked by the vets, and even let him sleep inside his very bed, even though he was no longer a puppy.

But there was another dog, who felt very jealous at how the man treated the stray.

He thought, “I was very faithful, I guarded the house and protected the master day and night. I was well-trained and didn’t leave a mess inside the home. But when this bad dog came back as a stray, you even treated him like a pedigreed animal!”

The man, sensing the other dog’s envy, took him in his arms and hushed, “You will always be my dog, as all these other animals are mine. But we should all be happy; not everyone who runs away find their way home safely. Just like when I found you.”

* * *

This story is an adaptation from Luke 15:11-32.

For the prezi version, click here.

Here more about “The Love Story” at WINmakati!


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