Short Story | Fiction

The Pencil

One day, God gave several men the same gift: a pencil. 

Several kept it as a keepsake. Some simply forgot about it.

Many sharpened it to use in their drawings and writings. Most just sharpened it.

A few sold it. Fewer earned more and bought more.

Some simply gave it away. Others simply threw it away.

Most tried to compare their pencil with others’. Most of them tried swapping, only to realize what they got in exchange was just the same: a pencil.

Others tried asking God for another pencil. Many tried asking God for more pencils, erasers and paper too.

Several made carvings out of the pencil. Others used it as a coffee stirrer or back scratcher.

A few used it to hurt someone with words. And a few more used it to hurt someone with its sharpened point.

I wonder what I can do with my pencil now?

Are you still using your pencil today?

Are you God’s pencil for someone in anyway?


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