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Spiritual Reflections

Taken for Granted

It’s funny, but sadly it’s also true. For a lot of people — be it in a romantic relationship, friendship or even family ties — we often take a lot of people for granted. 

Maybe it’s over-familiarity, or just being too confident that they will stay with you forever, or simply because that initial phase of simple joys of receiving little kindnesses and attention and companionship and all those fluffiness that makes relationship enjoyable has become numbed from the countless encounters…

Just like our relationship with God, we can take it for granted, too. We enjoy so many blessings, so many minute miracles, that we forget the privilege, the honor of being close to God, and having His favor, grace, mercy and love. We take it for granted when we consciously sin, thinking that God will forgive us anyway. We take it for granted when we let each opportunity to honor Him pass. We take Him for granted in so many ways.

You are blessed with relationships. Make it matter. Make it true. Make it last forever.


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