The Lost Puppy


This was written during one of my depression episodes.

A lost puppy in search of home
And a few words to make a poem
Barks, whines, whimpers at a crowd
Of onlookers uncaring and loud.
Some pat, some giggle and some squeal
But what I wish is something real
I’m a lost puppy, do let me in
I need your love, don’t just scratch my chin.
A lost puppy chasing after a ball
What I want to catch is your heart and all
As I patiently listen to your every whim
And play dead, sit, roll over, dream.
Earnestly I wait for my name in your voice
Hoping that I’d be your lasting choice
I won’t mind a leash to make me your own
Just don’t treat me like an object to be thrown.
A lost puppy, maybe that’s all I am
But as a loving creature, I give a damn
I want to stay and protect you always
And do all tricks for you to amaze.
So that when my tail’s too weak to wag
You’ll remember days we used to brag
I’m just a lost puppy, waiting to be found
So don’t bury me yet in your heart’s ground.
Written on October 13, 2013

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