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The Be Attitudes: Promptitude

There’s a time for everything. But there are some things that you should do immediately.

Like right now.

Unfortunately, it seems so natural to make excuses. After all, everyone makes excuses all the time… or is that just another excuse?

Why do we even bother making up alibis when just doing what we need to do can actually be simpler?

It reminds me of an old short story/poem:

A Poem About Everybody, Somebody and Nobody

Once upon a time, there were four people… 

Their names were Everybody, Somebody, Nobody and Anybody. 

Whenever there was an important job to be done, 
Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. 

Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. 
When Nobody did it, Everybody got angry because… 
it was Everybody’s job!

Everybody thought that Somebody would do it, 
but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it.

So, consequently, Everybody blamed Somebody… 
when Nobody did what Anybody could have done in the first place!


We can talk a lot about procrastination — and frankly, I’ve read too many articles already that talks about that topic.

And I’m not here to talk about procrastination, but about the be attitude called promptitude.

It is the characteristic of doing things without delay.

No hesitations.

No doubts.

No second thoughts.

Just know what needs to be done and how to do it.

Then do it.

It’s not about being hasty, or hurrying a job. It’s about understanding the worth of a task, as well as the worth of one’s time. It’s about looking ahead, realizing there are more and better opportunities when things get accomplished as soon as possible, while enjoying the process of ticking off the to-do list along the way.

Promptitude is having alacrity — a quick and cheerful readiness to do something. One does not need encouragement, inspiration, motivation or even a challenge to get things started. There is a joyful sense in positive anticipation, a fore-sighted expectant attitude helping one to overcome and succeed. Even when you don’t have the time to make preparations or plans — a heart, mind and body that is always ready can act with more energy, flexibility and even endurance.

The quality or habit of being prompt is not just about one’s self. Our promptitude can also be an energizing influence on other people as well. To prompt means to cause someone to do something— not by force, but by sheer synergy. An attitude of promptness is not just about punctual; it’s also about inspiring others to act wisely with their time as well. We do this whenever we remind others of meetings, appointments, promised tasks and chores.

But we can also show promptitude in other ways — when we help someone speak their hesitant thoughts, when we guide someone through their doubtful decisions, when we spur and cheer someone on to finish what they started – or simply start what they want to finish. We share this wonderful attitude when we initiate ideas, rally people to join along, and revel at what everyone had done at the end of the day.

Promptitude is not about pushing people to work. It’s about working with people to push forward together.

Promptitude is not about making it in time. It’s about making time for what’s more and most important — without neglecting the seemingly less urgent tasks.

Promptitude is not about rushing through deadlines. It’s about brushing off temporary distractions to be a lifeline to someone — wherever, whenever.

So why are you still reading this? Shouldn’t you be doing something more important today?

• • •

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