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My 2013 Christmas Gift/Wish List

Okay, it’s not actually my habit to draft a gift/wish list during Christmas (although I did try it once — and I actually got a few items from it haha!). But hey, in case someone out there wants to bother giving me a gift this year (for a change, LOL!), here’s some serious (as well as crazy) items I would surely appreciate to get: 

  1. A bottle of Sriracha sauce. To warm up my Christmas season (and belly).
  2. Cuff links (used, new… as long as still working). Yeah, I really need it haha. [Update 10/29/2015: Okay, not anymore.]
  3. Pillow. Must be drool-proof. [Update 12/25/2015: Got one from Tito Jer & Tita Dang!]
  4. Sketchbook or notepad/book. The simpler, the better. [Update 05/30/2016: Thank Hazel!]
  5. A sponsorship for one session of muay thai training haha! Yeah, I’m serious on that!!!
  6. Free Starbucks!!! Bwahahaha don’t worry, my blood pressure’s under control 😉 Or any Swiss Miss variant is also okay. [Update 10/29/2015: I switched to being a CBTL fanatic since last year]
  7. Belt (used, new… should be for size 34 or below).
  8. Straight-cut jeans or cargo pants (HAHAHHAA yeah, size 34… but you can ramp up the challenge and give me a size 32)
  9. Any interesting book (used or new, as long as it’s not boring).
  10. Fitbar energy bar 😀
  11. Blueberry Cheesecake (just a slice will do)
  12. Actually, any food will do haha. Except okra. But I’d be happiest with some prawn/shrimp tempura hehehe :3 [Update 05/30/2016: Thank Hazel for the jerkies! I love it!!!]
  13. Plain, manly wallet. Not purse. W A L L E T. [Update 05/30/2016: Thank Hazel!]
  14. Socks. Preferably black.
  15. Shirts. Preferably black, too. Large or *cough* medium size
  16. A free game of LazerTag!!! Wooooottttt!!! XD [Update 10/29/2015: Nobody seems interested to play this with me, so nevermind]
  17. Any puppy-themed memorabilia (keychains, decors, mugs, tumblers, picture frames, toys) [Update 05/30/2016: Thank Hazel! But that was a cat design!!!]
  18. Bacon. (not the actor)
  19. Penshoppe’s Bottled Up: Rock (it’s a perfume for guys) [Update 10/29/2015: Seems like they phased this product out huhu]
  20. Gummy worms.
  21. Mint-flavored candies (but no chewing gums please)
  22. Hand wraps (pro length). Black or any masculine hue haha
  23. Sports bottle.
  24. Swiss Army Kit/Knife! Bwahaha!!! Okay. Pangarap lang.
  25. A NEW LAPTOP!!! WAAAAAAA okay, that’s too much to ask LOL.
  26. A girlfriend WAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH okay, now a laptop sounds more promising. [Update 10/29/2015: LOL! Got myself a Macbook last year 😀 Still no GF… *sigh*]
  27. A new thumbdrive. Always handy to have one or more.
  28. A Christmas card is always welcome ^_^ heck, even a DIY card or personal Christmas letter would be fun!
  29. A pet turtle, mouse or hamster hehehe. And I’d love it if you throw in a hamster ball as well XD
  30. A sincere Christmas message on my Facebook wall – or better yet, leave behind a comment on this post on any Christmas memory you had with me, or how I have positively influenced you this year (if any), or anything that you’re thankful about me…

An advanced Merry Christmas to all!

And yeah, don’t take item #26 seriously.


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