Introspections & Retrospections

33 Not-So-Radical Life Lessons

After a long hiatus, I finally found some motivation to write again— and just in time for my 33rd year in life.

Yeah, yeah. I’m that old already.

Anyway, here are some of the personal lessons I’ve gathered and held on to for the past 33 years of existence:

  1. Respect all women equally. Only shower with love those who do care. But to make someone feel truly special… there can only be one (at a time).
  2. Wear your heart on a sleeve, but never hesitate to roll that sleeve when some action needs to be done.
  3.  Leadership ends. Brotherhood lasts.
  4. Recognition is not necessarily appreciation. One can recognize a priceless gem, yet fail to appreciate its full and true worth.
  5. It’s never a waste to spend anything– whether it be time, money, effort or worry– on people who truly are worth your love.
  6. Regret is nothing but an illusion that hinders us from appreciating the wonderful opportunities of today and tomorrow by keeping us focused on yesterday.
  7. God is never illogical. He just wants us to trust His wisdom rather than our own reasons.
  8. If at first you already succeed, give it up for something better and more challenging. Don’t cheat on/short sell your own potential.
  9. Life is too short to be wasted too seriously. Enjoy it responsibly.
  10. If you can’t tell a good story about your own life, go back to chapter 1 — then focus on improving your character development instead of the plot progression.
  11. The most immature act is to try comparing or measuring someone else’s maturity against yours.
  12. Never let yourself fall in love with a hopeless romance.
  13. True love knows what and how to hope in truth.
  14. It’s okay to cry, but it’s not an excuse to be a crybaby.
  15. Everyone has a soft spot— but never take advantage of it (all the time).
  16. Learn to listen to your gut instincts, and learn to ignore your tummy instincts (unless it’s toilet-related).
  17. Adrenaline is for the body as determination is for the spirit. A body that relies on adrenaline can never last or perform as well as a disciplined body. Same goes for our will.
  18. Not all that is silent is wise. There’s also folly in unsaid words.
  19. Love isn’t a fireworks experience but a stargazing habit.
  20. Sometimes finding the right words to say isn’t as important as doing the right thing.
  21. Sometimes in an argument, pursuing for the right answer can only get you more lost. Chase after the right questions instead.
  22. There’s a thin line that separates beautiful solitude from poisonous loneliness.
  23. Don’t trust your heart— it can be a jerk. Also watch out for your brain… it can be a jerk, too.
  24. If you don’t want to grow into the person you hate— then learn to understand, appreciate and love that person instead.
  25. Always trust, no matter how much the other person fails— but don’t be stupid: learn from each mistake as well.
  26. No matter how crowded your thoughts may be, or how heavy your heart may feel— as the girls would say, “There’s always room for dessert!”— always make room for something sweet in your life, no matter what circumstance you may be in.
  27. Enjoy the challenge of the unexpected— learn to anticipate for learning.
  28. The best decisions aren’t always the smartest, most reasonable ones. But that’s not an excuse to be stupid, either.
  29. Sometimes it’s okay to spend much for a precious gift, but what makes a present special is not the material cost but how much heart and thought was poured out for it.
  30. He who laughs in the face of difficulties has already found the treasured wisdom that it offers.
  31. Some tools are designed for a specific purpose and should be used correctly to be efficient. But don’t be a tool— be the tool maker.
  32. Never chase after an idea that has escaped your discipline— learn to separate your fanciful whims from your passionate quests.
  33. Always mind the risk. Love is patient, but life  is not. So don’t waste your chances, nor your efforts. Focus. Anticipate. Move.



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