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The Pit of Awkwardness [Part 2 of 4]: Digging Beyond the Surface

As discussed in the previous blog, most if not all of us are familiar with awkwardness.

What makes awkwardness difficult or challenging to deal with is a bit complicated. Some can attribute it to hang ups. Others would blame it with previous experiences (either from the same person or other people). There are those who would use the excuse of personality conflicts. There are even people who simply scoff it as a passing mood.

Considering all these, I can only say that it all boils down to a single alibi: it’s not in my control. I can try to do something about it, but I can’t do anything; it’s up to the other person. And the funny thing is, the other person might have been thinking exactly the same thing. Or not. 

As most people would advise, confrontation or direct communication may produce the fastest results… but not always the best. Forcing other people to stop being awkward can only make the awkwardness grow deeper. Yet, doing nothing also contributes in helping awkwardness grow roots and eventually bear fruit… and the new seeds of misunderstanding that each fruit brings only serves to nurture more awkwardness.

Which brings us to the original premise in this part of the series: we are already familiar with the feeling of awkwardness, and we agree that it’s not always that simple to get rid of it. By making that admission, the burden of resolving the awkwardness quickly is somehow lightened— you’re not in a hurry! But that does not give us an excuse to procrastinate or do nothing.

Tracing back the origin/source of the awkwardness can be really tricky, especially if kept for so long. But it can also serve as an opportunity to know someone more once we get past our presumptions and prejudices. Of course, do not expect things to go back to normal right away. Some may not even return to how they used to be… but that’s also okay— it can also mean that it is a new opportunity to restart and change the relationship into something better and more wonderful.

Because believe it or not, awkwardness can help us understand the personal boundaries we all keep… and through that, build better bridges for mutual respect.

• • •

On the next article, we will be tackling on how awkwardness is actually affecting us beyond the obvious, and why we should take awkwardness a bit more seriously.

Thanks for reading!


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