A Music of the Chains

I don’t really remember why I wrote this one. Maybe it had something to do with a song I was listening to at that time. *shrugs*

These tears won’t seem to fall or fade
The colors shy from my cheeks to cascade
For though I know my heart is faint
My mind do soothe me with restraint
And tell me, pray— what love should be
To care without conditions nor equity.

The thoughts won’t let me sleep too well
Emotions swell, your memories dwell
And yet, my heart— it lets me know
What my mind denies, my acts still show
While all the world, my audience, view
These words of mine if they hold true.

The rhythms collide within my chest
As the voices struggle for what is rest
Of reason, of hope, of wishfulness
Of which within me I need to suppress
For though outwardly I am a grown man
This telltale story belie who I really am.


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