Spiritual Reflections

Gasping For Words

While social media has made revolutionary leaps on sharing of information, it also reveals a major flow: sure, visual creativity is on a high— from doodle memes to breath-taking photographs to awe-inspiring graphics and artworks. But as much as a picture may paint a thousand words, are we still creating clear and challenging statements beyond imagery?

It’s there in most Christian social media pages and websites: famous quotes and relevant Bible verses on easy-to-share picture posts. Once in a while, someone may share a full-length article from some popular group. And these are good. And yet, this feels bad. Christianity has become another market, and the Christians mere consumers. And just like the secular market, we love the branded stuff. We love the fastfood. We love the retail products.

We forget how to create. Or should I say, we’ve become too lazy to create.

Encapsulating messages into graphics is hard. Capturing stories through photographs is hard. Recording heart-touching videos and editing them is hard. Because in the end, words matter most. Words that decipher the secret of each graphic element. Words that sets free the tale behind each photo. Words that remind and impart the emotions depicted in each video frame. Words that linger when we close our eyes, that continues the flourish even when the movie is over, the photograph is faded or forgotten, or the art has lost its trend and wonder.

So write. And by God, write a bit more.

• • •

If you’re an aspiring writer, you should take some of these tips from OMF Literature to heart.


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