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There Is No Such Thing As A Simple Life

Life isn’t complicated, only complex. To view life as something simple is an insult to an unfathomable Creator— for how dare we describe this terribly awesome world we live in as something simple?

Just look at nature: how every creature and plant lived in mutual dependence, and how our actions affect their very existence. Just look at all the earthly resources and the technologies they brought us: how each discovery developed more complex inventions to simplify our way of living. Yet as simple as we lament the way life used to be lived, the daily toil of man was nothing but a set of complex tasks albeit made simple through routine and habit. And just look at ourselves— the millions of cells in our body constantly processing life without our conscious command, each cell interdependently performing their individual functions in order to accomplish seemingly simple movements which actually require complex coordination. No machine can yet replicate how truly complex our very muscles and organs were designed! Not even nano-machines can compare to how cells were created to move without a thought, and yet our thoughts are supposedly formed by these cluster of cells.

Yet at the end of it all, we realize how futile and fleeting life is— how all these complexities of living and all its worries feel irrelevant at our breath’s end. And when we realize that our life, no matter how brilliant or glaring it may be now, pales in comparison across the millennia: who are we but a mere 70 or more years among the billions of people who lived within the past thousands of years alone? Were they all remembered? Will being remembered even matter?

It is only at this point when we fully recognize the meaninglessness of life’s complexities that we start to grasp the simplicity of God’s desire for us— not to exasperate us with helplessness at our inescapably dreadful fate but to prepare us to what it really means to live eternally. It is only when we understand that all our accolades, all our titles, all our wealth and worth and even wonderful memories that we are able to let go of our worldly and temporary pursuits and start truly living— that is, living beyond sustaining a mere lifestyle.

To simply say that life is simple may sound more encouraging and comforting, but it is a lie— at least, when you look at what makes life what it is. However, no matter how complicated life becomes, or how overwhelmingly complex our life will be, all you have is a simple choice: keep living or start dying. And yes— death, just like life, is not that simple either.


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