Spiritual Reflections

The War of Colors

It’s in the news: same-sex marriage has been legalized in the entire United States of America. The LGBT community rejoices, finally freed from the prejudices imposed on them for decades.

I am a Christian, and as much as I would disagree with homosexuality, I respect the sentiment of the LGBT community. In fact, I guess this is the consequence of the Christian community’s own insensibility to practice the grace and love we so preach inside our congregations towards a group of fellow human beings we have marginalized; the self-righteous culture which only saw black and white may have led to harshly judge those who don’t agree with our faith and beliefs, and created this very situation— with us now painted as the villains, the antagonists of our contemporary society’s changes.

No, I am not saying our Christian forefathers and contemporaries were wrong in defending their faith; yet in the same argument, I cannot blame the LGBT community for likewise advancing their own cause. Our only fault, I believe, is that as much as we have upheld the Biblical authority, we have long lost the moral and ethical high ground when we forgot the fundamental truth of our faith: that we are all equal as sinners— yet in our dealings we have acted with arrogant spiritual superiority unbefitting the message we supposedly speak about. And though we have tried to amend how we react and interact with the LGBT group, the damage has been done. And now, we may have lost that very opportunity.

This reminds me of the stories our Bible have preserved for us: of times when proud Israel was forsaken, of how the chosen people of God were turned captives of war. It reminds me of Jesus’ warning: that we will face persecution for our faith, for standing up to Him. And yes, as much as we’d love to think Christ will prevail in the end— at present, the Christian future in this present circumstances have gone from bleak to grim.

Yet, I am also reminded that these were the very times when God’s light can shine brightest: of how Daniel, instead of openly defying the emperor’s decree, silently continued to honor his God through his spiritual habits. Of how Esther, though being the favored queen, humbly submitted herself to the law in order to gain justice for her people. And of how Jesus Christ Himself allowed Himself to be crucified by human standards, did not even resist the unflinching law of sin which demanded sacrificial blood.

Today, countless people in the LGBT community are finally happy. And we need to respect that. It is their land, their law. And we must respect that. Mayhaps it won’t be too long before it reaches the political shores of our own country, or maybe not at all. Regardless, we should recognize the legality of it without forsaking or abandoning our own moral codes or Biblical standards.

As creatures of unmerited grace, let us learn to behave and speak with grace— not in compromise nor surrender, but in meek yet resolute faith. Let us not act like sore losers; they won their case fairly through the court of men, and further arguments will only aggravate our precarious relationship with this world without bolstering nor supporting whatever hope we have in reaching the lost. This does not mean we will lay down our Bibles. This does not mean we will accept their ideologies. This does not mean we will adopt their philosophies. We simply need to live in peace with them, not in fear of conflict, but in love as peacemakers and ambassadors of the gospel of Christ.

To my fellow Christians: The skies may be gray and filled with banners of rainbow colors, but we know that God’s light will still shine— even shine brighter in this looming darkness. So hold your light up high as we keep our heads low. Stand firm on His Word while giving ground for the legal adjustments that are about to happen. And for all that’s unseen and ahead of us, be strong and confident— for we have yet to truly learn of faith and hope.


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