Love To A Void

A piece of poetry to release some melancholy…

I am the Moon, you are the Earth.
You are infested with your humanity.

I am devoid of life. Empty, except for these hollowed scars on my surface.

All I can do
Is orbit around you

Round and round, day after day
Casting a light— not even my own
And at times— casting my own darkness
Causing each ebb and flow
Madness and joy

Oft I draw too near—
Painfully too close
Beautiful, majestic
To see you but a reach away

But alas, that would destroy you
You and your humanity
And so I pull away
And farther away each time, they say
Til someday, I’ll find myself
And lost in space
Without a world to go around
You’ll have your humanity still
But no more the tides…


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