Shadow Sanctuaries

Just another piece of free verse poetry written at 12:09AM…

I hate it when you make me feel alone

More than I already am

Your unkept promises of company

Continually shatters

These already-broken-and-plastered trust

Of what I thought family and friends

Should be all about

You laugh at my seeming darkness

Claiming it’s all just my unbridled imagination

You never know how real my monsters are

To me, they are not mere creatures

That come visiting when the lights go out

They are the rabid thoughts clawing, scratching

Corrupting all the good I wished was true

Only to realize that the real monsters

Are out there, walking in the light— in you

So I’ve learned to hide instead in the shadows

From inside my room, and inside my mind

I’ve shrouded my heart in protective gloom

Where your venomous glow won’t besmirch

Whatever small love I have for this life

Because the whispers of the unseen and undone

Have become more truthful and sincere

Than what you arrogantly boast with haughty lips

I’ve become an incontinent island

Within your stolid continent

For you have welcomed me with walls and fences

Boundary lines drawn to bound me close

And set me free— an illusion

Only aggravating this sense of isolation

Shackled, labeled, forgotten.


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