We Are Storms

Just some office poetry to release some introverted mood.

Sometimes I wonder if I annoy people. I know I do. I’m sure I do. I annoy myself, too. It’s so easy to get annoyed at people like me, dark and gloomy and brooding and oftentimes just too cynical. Who likes a harbinger of negative vibes— even if not all negativity are bad vibes?

Can we fault the storms for what they are, for what they bring?

Are we all meant to be sunny skies?

What if we’re just storms brewing in the deep
Gathering our burdensome tears on our ocean of fears—
And when it grows too weary, we look for land
To unload this heaviness, if they care to understand;
But our violent passions lash out
Our words, like wind, breaking about
Rattling the comforts of bolted doors
Begging on shuttered windows to let us in
Til we, in our frustration, unleash full force
The stormdrops of concentrated pain within
Flooding, hurting
Until at last, fading
Into the unfair splendor of a vibrant morning
And so we walk away again
Shamed of the damages we’ve dealt
Going back to being unseen yet unforgotten—
But at least for a moment, we were felt.


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