I have no idea what this photo is for.

Sometimes I Just Need To Write A Poem

Random 4:00am mood poetry. Move along.

Sometimes it’s most quiet
When I don’t feel the noise
As the crowd goes cheering
But I can’t hear your voice
And so this world goes still
As all lose their appeal
To find myself wishing
Back to when we’ve met.

Sometimes it’s most happy
When nights would cry with rain
And though it’s gloomy
Tears wash away the pain
And so I watch them fall
My heart with Dumpty on the wall
And break into a million stars
Free from this shell of a thousand scars.

Sometimes it’s most lonely
When you are with me
Torn by need to let you go
And want to keep you today
Yet of all that I could say
Why is it “see you tomorrow”?
Sometimes it’s just too quiet
This poem of happy regret.


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