Take A Step On This Broken Road

I just watched Martin Scorsese’s Silence (2016), and it inspired me to write this:


Take a step on this broken road
This path trampled upon by men
Where grass and foliage has found their worth
And rocks wait on who would stumble then
Hear the silence of nature’s cry
When we have forgotten the questions why
There’s suffering even when there is kindness
And hope unlost amidst the madness.

Take a step on this winding way
And remember the echoes of each footfall
Where their tears left imprints yesterday
When stalwarts waver while ageless call
Rustles through the dying branches
And answers seem to satisfy us less
As we march blindly into the dark
Waiting for starlight, for dawn, for a spark.

Take a step, don’t look back, nor restrain
Let not regret, but only fondness, stay
For passion, fading, as history’s stain
Like a memory, a song, that won’t go away
Until we reach this journey’s end
Of broken roads, crossing— to understand
The cracks were left by feet so weary
And knees, fallen, when hearts grew heavy.


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