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Pray For Marawi

It’s been barely a day since the rebel group, now considered as terrorists, have brought horror on Marawi City in Mindanao, Philippines. Yet, instead of empathizing, we Filipinos find ourselves back into our old selves: in-fighting, back-biting, pointless and shameless criticisms and blames hurled towards one another.

Every now and then, a dissenting voice calling for prayers squeaks on social media. Every now and then, a misdirected angry voice stirs trouble again, reviving the old ugly cycle.

There’s so much we can accomplish if we stop antagonizing each other and focus on working together. Our bickering won’t help our fellow Filipinos in Marawi. 

Let’s face it: most of us just monitor the news with horror as we wait for the next update. But that’s about all we do. Tweet, comment, repost/share, rant. How about we start planning on how we can be part in helping turn this dark chapter in Marawi’s history from despair into hope?

Aside from praying, maybe we can proactively start preparing help for Marawi even before the fight ends. Refugees? Maybe we can ask DSWD if they need relief goods, medicines, anything. City jail and school buildings burnt? Maybe we can ask if we can help rebuild them. Soldiers and policemen dying? Let’s start appreciating the ones we have here, and if we have a chance, give honor to those who selflessly performed their sworn duty until their last breath.

We can lament on the dark clouds on our present horizon. Or we can believe in that promised silver lining — and in expectant faith, believe that this, too, shall pass. But only if we will remain as one nation.

Let’s show the world that there is indeed a love that’s greater than all these conflicts trying to divide us.

#PrayForMarawi #PrayForThePhilippines


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