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On The Book: Jewels & Letters

Thanks to OMF Literature, I got a chance to attend a book launch at Glorietta last Friday (16 June 2017). I got some freebies, too! But as much as I hate going to public events, getting to hear the authors talk about their books in person was worth it.

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio shared with us the story behind her first book, Better than Jewels, while Isa Garcia talked about the inspirations which led her to compile Found: Letters on Love, Life, and God for publication.

Now, here’s what I think about the books:

First of all, I’m not a devotional type of guy. Haha! I’ve tried buying and using them before. Some of them, I only read for a few weeks; most, a few days. I’m not saying that they’re bad — it was light reading, and for someone like me who gets distracted easily (my book attention/interest span can quickly change with my mood, which is why I have started reading a lot of books, but barely finished most of them), I tend to nitpick on which items to read.

What grabbed my interest about Rica’s book wasn’t the book itself. It was her story. It wasn’t just a devotional; it was a confession of sorts — of faith, of lessons, of hope, of love. And looking back on how her life had been (yes, I was one of those teens who used to have a crush on her back on her teen star days; I liked her more than her contemporary, Judy Ann Santos), I’m amazed at how much her life has changed for the better. Truly, she had found something ‘better then jewels’ — better than the celebrity fame and its promises of riches. And I guess that’s why as much as I get bored easily with most devotionals, her book was different. It had a soul, her soul; and you listen between the lines, you can hear the sincerity of her newfound joy.

(Now, if only I can finish reading the entire book this time)

Now, Isa’s book — that was fun. Again, short attention span plus the fact that I work professionally as a graphic artist/designer, I fell in love with the colors and layout. Haha! It wasn’t your typical book on faith; it was a children’s activity book — except the children who read it have all grown up physically; and sometimes, these same children get broken in doing so. And that’s where the book steps right in — letters of simple reminders, of honest encouragements, of shared sentiments, of forgotten laughters and hidden tears. It’s a friend in written form, the kind of friend who after a long talking session kicks you to do something: like sending those cool postcards contained in the book to the people you love, care about, or simply want to reach out.

(Personally, though, I feel greedy. I want to hoard the postcards for myself. Sorry, God.)

If you’re looking for a book to give as a gift, these two are awesome picks. They’re sold at reasonable prices, and you can find them on National Bookstore and OMF Literature branches.

If you are interested to know more about the books, feel free to visit OMF Literature for more selections. You can also check out cool offers on their Facebook Page and on Twitter. I’m pretty sure you can find them on Instagram, too (I’m not an IG dude, though).


(P.S. It’s my first time posting a review, so please bear with me.)


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