Introspections & Retrospections, Spiritual Reflections

Of Sighs & Signs

Turn around.

I looked around, my hands lightly gripping the steering wheel. The empty parking space was just a few meters away; the only thing that held me back was this small, insensitive sign. It won’t hurt; besides, everyone does it. Anyone else would do it. So why shouldn’t I?

Turn around.

I stared at my manuscript, my fingers hovering above the keyboard. My main point was lost, swallowed by the side arguments I’ve become engrossed on. But I loved what I wrote; it would be a shame to throw them away on the cold abyss of the digital trash bin. It made sense, anyway; not the kind of sense that I was aiming for, but sensible enough for people to read and appreciate.

Turn around.

It all started beautifully. A friendship, a commitment, a selfless desire, a lofty dream. Aspirations, once noble, turned into desperations — and in stubborn abandon, give chase until what once was real become surreal, distorted into this illusion of what we selfishly wished it to be instead of what it truly is and can be.

Turn around.

How often have we seen the signs, warning us, pleading with us: WRONG WAY | DON’T ENTER | STOP | DANGER. How often have we deluded ourselves into disguising our self-centered whims as resilience of hope? How often do we try to convince ourselves, foolish arrogance blinding and pushing us to march forward with a twisted sense of misplaced and misguided faith?

Turn around.

Sometimes, they are not clear. Sometimes, they don’t feel fair. At times, they are confusing. But there are times when they are — made only vague by our own prejudice and hardheadedness. We are driven by this propensity to insist, to argue, to have our way. It’s just one bite, whispered that piece of food you’re not allowed to indulge in. It won’t happen to me, we confidently claim — our minds made up to do what we are cautioned against. Is it really true, the voice of the serpent asked.

Turn around.

Is it that hard to admit it, when we find ourselves going the wrong way? Is it that hard to change, when we realize we’ve lived a lie? Is it that hard to show our backs, be vulnerable to others’ criticisms and misjudgments — to turn around, not to hide our face in shame, but to leave our past behind with bold confidence and hope?

Turn around.

Can you see them: those who walked behind you, who walked the same path as you?

Turn around.

Can you still remember where you’re going, what you’re supposed to be doing, what you promised to God and yourself?

Turn around.

If you’re going the wrong way, it’s not too late.

Turn around.

If you meet someone going the wrong way, don’t wait. Tell them. Help them. But most of all: love them.

So, turn around.

If you can’t love, then you are going the wrong way.


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