Introspections & Retrospections

Here On This Fragile Place

Here, on this fragile place we call home, we stay. Its walls promise us shelter, warmth, safety. Somewhere to run to when the days go bad, somewhere we can never truly run away from. Because no matter how broken it is: the doors, the windows, the picture frames — they’re all easy to rebuild, replace, restore. As long as that fragile home inside you stays, you’ll always have a place in this world full of empty space.  Continue reading

Spiritual Reflections

Hope, Sometimes

Sometimes, we wonder where hope is when the morning comes, when the sun fails to bring its light on a world aching for warmth.

But, it’s there — even when the wind’s howl drowns the rooster’s song; it’s there as we, shaking, stand defiant against the raging storm. It’s there when we choose to keep the thunders without from resonating within us. Continue reading