Welcome to my Brain

Welcome to the laboratory of my mind, where I can freely experiment and play with my ideas and thoughts. It is also the training ground of my principles, the forge for my convictions.

I don’t particularly take pleasure in torturing myself by overthinking, but I do enjoy the discoveries I unearth through it. There is a sense of satisfaction, probably as a scientist would feel upon proving a theory. Even if these are just thought-projects, each sojourn into my introspective realm allows me to evaluate, to criticize, and to redirect myself, calibrating my moral compass, clearing the build-up of subconscious doubts and fears as well as confusion, and preparing me to refuel my own passion to keep on living.

I hope that this compilation of words and thoughts will someday be of service to you, and honor God who is gracious enough to keep me sane whenever I go too deep and get lost in the chaotic world inside my head.