Short Story | Fiction

A Parable For The Lost

It was almost 10:00pm. Elsewhere, people spent the night with friends and families, or resting in their homes. Others were already on their way, albeit stuck in overcrowded buses or jammed roads; still, they’re on the move — unlike us, still waiting for our own ride. Unlike me, simply watching each bus pass me by.

A taxi glided towards me, rolled down its window, and waited for an offer. I tried to ignore the expectant face behind the wheel; I’ve learned to distrust their service, even when I understood their plight. I couldn’t tell what the driver thought as he drove past me; eager passengers had already raced towards his vehicle. A few frustrated people cussed at the taxi driver, but it didn’t matter; there was one less competition in the waiting shed, one less rival to a decent ride home.

And I just wanted to go home. But not right now; not right away. I was tired, but it was not as tiring as spending the nights in abject solitude. Amidst the standing crowd of stranded commuters, I didn’t felt alone. And soon enough, I felt satisfied, reminded fully well why I often chose to be alone. Continue reading

Short Story | Fiction

Emptied Skies

It was supposed to be a beautiful day. The sun shone brightly, the bitterness of black coffee tasted just right, few people strolled the park. It was a relatively quiet morning. She seemed relatively happy that morning.

It wasn’t until after almost half an hour of her silence that I noticed something was wrong.

“What’s up?” I asked as casually as I could.

Nothing, she said almost inaudibly. Nothing you could do or help me with, my anxiety translated for me. I stared at her, worried— concerned, not as much for her as it was for me. But it was a wonderful day.

And then, a horrible night. Continue reading

Short Story | Fiction

It Just Grows (On You)

David never understood plants. He liked flowers. He liked fruits. He liked trees and shrubs. But no matter how much he tried, they all died.

Some people kept a graveyard for beloved family pets on their backyard. David had his private cemetery of shame for his failed botanical attempts. It was there that Lily found him that afternoon; she was just one of those neighborhood kids, who just happened to visit Kristine the next-door-girl (literally), and chanced upon him burying his next victim from the kingdom of Flora as she happened to look out the neighbor’s window.

“Was that a pet?”

“No, just another flower.”

“Oh.” Continue reading

Short Story | Fiction

Until This Story Ends

“Until next time,” the princess said. And the lowly frog meekly believed— in her good nature, in her good promise, in that hope that there will be, would be, can be a next time.

Until morning came, and she was nowhere to be seen. Not her face, not her garden, not her castle, not even the kingdom. Only a small pond where he woke up on each day, on a lush field field with only the music of the forest. It was all beautiful: the soothing sounds, the gentle rays of the morning light, creatures that respected one another in mutual existence. Until the frog realized that what he longed for the most— that fading dream of a princess in her lofty castle— was gone…

“Hey, that’s not how I remembered Princess and the Frog!” the little girl protested.

“Sssh,” her father said, sheepishly, “wait until I’m finished telling the story.” Continue reading

Short Story | Fiction

It’s Time

Hello, Time. Can we talk?

Make it quick. Don’t waste me.

You’re awfully blunt.

Well, you’re awful. Why don’t you just get straight to the point?

Fine. They say you heal all wounds.

I don’t.

Wait, I haven’t asked any questions yet.

That’s because you’re making a question based on a wrong idea.

Which wrong idea?

That I heal wounds. I can’t. That’s not what I am. Continue reading

Short Story | Fiction

Patience Doesn’t Count

It’s almost 4:00AM again. I still can’t sleep.

I checked my mobile notifications for the umpteenth time, hoping that somehow, your name would be there somewhere. Your name that hasn’t shown up for quite a while, except in random conversations with friends, when I’m lost in thought and my heart takes over, when I wake up crying from a vague dream that I knew was about you.

When will I see you again? Will we ever talk again?  Continue reading