Short Story | Fiction

The Broken Tree

“Mama, look— that tree is broken!” Eileen cried out, her innocent face lit in alarm. Dana smiled at her daughter. “No, it’s okay. Look: it still has leaves, so it’s still alive.”

“But trees are supposed to stand tall and strong!” Continue reading

Spiritual Reflections

Not All That Are Broken Have Lost Their Meaning

As I child, I’ve always thought that our family would stay together forever. That we’d have each other every Christmas and New Year. That we’ll always have our house. That we’ll always have our memories.

As a teen, I’ve always thought that my intellect and skills would be more than enough to make me successful in life. That I can pursue any dream, chase after any career. That I can accomplish all that I have set my heart and mind on.

As an adult, I’ve always thought I’d be able to find that person whom I know will stay with me until I grow old. That I would have all the experience and wisdom I need to overcome any problems. That I would have the confidence to overcome my fears, and someday die without regrets.

As I am now, I am broken. Broken from my childhood expectations. Broken from my teenage aspirations. Broken from my adult ruminations.

But not all that are broken have lost their meaning. Continue reading