Spiritual Reflections

Some Things Change To Stay The Same

Sitting inside a coffee shop, sipping coffee. I wouldn’t have imagined myself doing this when I was a kid. A lot of things changed for the past decades, so much so that one might be apt to think that society would seem unrecognizable from before.

Is it so?

From habit, I’ve taken to observe people from behind my mug of coffee and my middle-aged computer. Sure, people now sport the latest mobile devices, afford meals and drinks that might once have been thought impractical to the bourgeois lifestyle.

I stare at my expensive beverage, at my expensive laptop, and wonder— have I changed that much as well? Surely, my taste and preference have matured, and the usage of technology had progressed from my near-indefatigable inclination towards addictive games. I now crave a higher dose of caffeine and have come to appreciate the merits of low-sugar, no-dairy, plain black coffee; and I find myself enjoying using the computer to read, write, or work on something rather than relaxing through a video game simulation.

But no, I am still the same person as before— albeit, I have come to realize and be more transparent on what I really find pleasurable and fulfilling. In fact, I believe that I am more myself than what I had been for the past years, though it came from a painful determination to change that I have to rediscover and accept again who I really am after all.

This introspective journey brought me back to an old adage I’ve accidentally stumbled on, have come to love, and is still striving to understand, since my high school days:

“Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.” — Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

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