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Introspections & Retrospections


I stared at the unedited draft of this particular blog post. Is this enough? I check and recheck my remaining balance, my pathetic budget for the next few days. Would it be enough?

I look at the mirror, this sad reflection of who I am now, juxtaposed upon that imaginary person who I thought I was and should have been. Am I not good enough? Will I ever be enough?

Contradicting thoughts circle each other, like wary gladiators. Hope versus depression. Lessons versus defeat. Faith versus reality. Promises versus concerns. Commitments versus enjoying the seeming randomness of life. Solitude versus this aching desire for companionship. Crying versus putting up a brave face just to get through the day. Trying to trust someone over and over again versus the stubborn nature of human behavior patterns.

But enough of it all. I’ve had enough. Continue reading