Spiritual Reflections

Was It A Morning Like This

For some reason, the music in my head that kept ringing from Christmas Eve to Christmas Morning was an old Sandi Patty song called Was It A Morning Like This — which was in no way a Christmas song.

But isn’t it?

Today, I’m reminded that this season of Christmas is all about Christ’s sacrifice: not just miraculous birth, or His redemptive death, but of His powerful resurrection as well as His imminent return.

And so, with a bit of creative license, I thought of making my own Christmas version of the song: Continue reading

Spiritual Reflections


We hate it: Saying goodbye. It tastes bitter. It feels sad. It sounds wrong. Nobody should be saying goodbye. Nobody deserves a goodbye.

But it happens. It is inevitable. It’s part of this imperfect world and life.

Yet, it’s interesting to know that the word goodbye was actually a contraction of God be with ye (you).

So how did goodbye become such a bitter phonetic icon?

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