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On The Book: What About Justice?

At first, when OMF Literature called for contributions on the topic of justice, I was excited. Then, I hesitated.

First, I don’t really get along with everyone’s idea of justice — especially with my fellow Christians.

Next, what’s the point? Sure, some might agree with me, and some will disagree — and so it goes again: this cycle of division.

And lastly, what do I really know about justice?

Who am I to write about it?


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Introspections & Retrospections

Smoke Signs & Signals

I was enjoying my cheap meal at the nearby jollijeep when someone stood beside me and casually asked the tindera if they have cigarettes. She calmly replied, “Ay, hindi na po. Baka kasi hulihin kami.” (Oh, not anymore. We might get penalized.)

I tried to hide my smile as the disappointed guy walked away. It was too soon to smile, anyway. Just a few feet behind us, a long line of lunchtime smokers stood right beside a soggy printed NO SMOKING sign. Cigarette butts littered the otherwise-clean sidewalk.

As I left the food stall, I saw a tired traffic aide resting on one of the sidewalk rails. I couldn’t help but approach her, and note: “Guess the NO SMOKING sign is just for show, huh?”

She looked at me, smiled weakly, and replied. “Oh, there are roving security guards. But they (the smokers) always come back after.” Part of me wanted to ask why she couldn’t do it herself; but her frail form and tired eyes behind her uniform told me more than enough.

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Short Story | Fiction

Just A Rat

Someone screamed again.

The relative silence that separated our worlds was broken by a brief commotion. The girl was halfway-up on her chair, her face contorted by childlike terror. Fellow ladies stood back, away from their cubicles, as if some horrible creature lurked in the shadows beneath respective desks. The guys looked amused, grinning.

It was a small rat, one that our utility personnel had a hard time getting rid of.

I shrugged.

As long as it stays away from my area, it’s not my concern.

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Introspections & Retrospections

Make No Mistake

It’s a bit surprising, uncanny, and unsettling how a lot of articles, posts and thoughts this New Year have been about urging people to make mistakes. A friend even chatted me about it, telling me to make my own mistakes— particularly about career, romance, and life.

The principle behind this trending ideology, I believe, is about encouraging people to live their lives without fear— a noble idea, if you think about it. Don’t be afraid to travel. Don’t be afraid to shift careers, look for a better job. Don’t be afraid to fall in love. Don’t be afraid to fail.

Sounds good.

But make no mistake: sometimes it’s better to be afraid. Continue reading